The transfer usually takes 2 to 3 months and is dependent on the UK pension provider. Each UK pension provider has to comply with HMRC's transfer rules. Each institution has its own policies in respect of the rules, as well as having its own restrictions. We never “second-guess” the requirements, and simply request the necessary forms and information and take it from there.


The standard process is:

  1. The member completes and signs an authority letter and forwards it to us.
  2. We request a transfer value quotation and transfer documents from the UK provider.
  3. The UK provider sends the information to us.
  4. We provide a copy to the member, plus originals of relevant sections with instructions on completion of the transfer requirements.
  5. The member completes the transfer forms and a SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme QROPS membership form and returns it to us. 
  6. We complete the other requirements and forward all documents to the UK provider, with a formal request for the transfer of funds.
  7. The UK provider checks the forms, approves the transfer and forwards the funds, in GBP, to us.
  8. On receipt of funds, our fee is deducted and the funds are paid to the member's account. 


To proceed with a UK transfer

Please contact us at for an authority letter that you will need to complete, sign and return to us.