Our goal is to make sure we have the best superannuation, investment and KiwiSaver schemes in the country - where best is measured by what is important to you.

SuperLife's focus is on doing everything we can to keep your fees low but at the same time, use our experience to bring you services that are flexible, transparent and honest, and to implement your decisions effectively. We believe in excellence in service without the high fees others deem it necessary to charge.

There are many benefits associated with joining SuperLife as an individual or employee, these include:

Simplicity & flexibility to tailor solutions

SuperLife offers retirement saving options (both superannuation and KiwiSaver) that are simple, easy to understand, and readily available and accessible to all New Zealanders. Employers and Members have total freedom to set and change their investment strategies.

Lower risk through communication

SuperLife lowers the risk of unexpected outcomes for both employers and members by concentrating on communication, education and improving members’ knowledge of the various investment risks. The frequency and simplicity of the SuperLife communication material removes the element of surprise and lets members make informed decisions.

New Zealand owned

SuperLife is New Zealand owned and was developed for the specific needs of New Zealand employers, employees and individuals. Being locally owned gives SuperLife the ability to address quickly and imaginatively, legislative and market changes while remaining competitive at all times.

Security through independence

SuperLife acts as a “gateway” for employers and individuals to access some of the best-known financial institutions in the business.  SuperLife’s service providers have reputations, built up over decades, for the quality and effectiveness of the solutions they deliver.

SuperLife has no financial connection with external service suppliers and receives no commissions. SuperLife reviews supplier performance and has the ability to replace suppliers, without fear or favour.

Focus on quality

SuperLife’s people are all passionate about superannuation and include the most experienced practitioners in the market.  The intellectual capital and calibre of our senior people is unrivalled in the New Zealand market.  Our goal is to develop and continually improve the best products possible.


It is clear from comparisons with “like” suppliers that SuperLife consistently offers value.  We have achieved this by establishing a low-cost, low risk approach to delivering financial services. As the fees charged by the investment managers are generally less than other master trusts, SuperLife’s net returns tend to be higher than comparable products.


On leaving employment, members can retain their SuperLife membership and ensure continuity.  SuperLife is just as flexible for individuals as for employees.


SuperLife for KiwiSaver:

Find out about the benefits of using SuperLife for KiwiSaver.