Under SuperLife, you can set your own investment strategy for your KiwiSaver Account from the investment options available.

SuperLife offers a range of investment “Funds” that cover the major investment sectors of cash, bonds, property and shares. These can be combined in any way you choose. 

The Manager invests each member's KiwiSaver Account in the investment options they choose. It implements a member's decision by investing in the equivalent option under the associated SuperLife Invest managed investment scheme.

You can change your investment options at any time and as often as you like. There is no administration charge for doing this.  To change your investment options complete the investment option change form.  Registered internet users can also change it online.

Members who don’t choose an investment strategy have their KiwiSaver Account invested in SuperLifeAge Steps. This is currently SuperLife's default option for KiwiSaver. The default option may be changed from time to time.