SuperLife lets you choose how much and when you save. You should save enough to meet your retirement and other saving needs. In addition, you should contribute the amount required to meet the premiums of any insurance benefits you decide to have in your superannuation plan.

To help you work out how much you should save, see the 'Saving for your retirement' guide.

You can save regularly (e.g. each week, each month) or by lump sum payments. There are currently no minimum amounts, but we can set minimum amounts required and set rules to ensure that the administration remains efficient.

If you save by regular payments you can change or stop the amount you save at any time. Regular savings are by direct debit from your bank account. If you have joined through your employer, you may be able to contribute by deduction from your pay.

Lump sum payments may also be made at any time. Cheques should be made out to “SuperLife” and sent to SuperLife. You can also make the payments by internet banking. When you make a payment, you should put your member number and name in reference. SuperLife’s bank account details are:

Bank ASB

Branch North Wharf Auckland 

Number 12 3244 0039562 00

Payment reference: Use your SuperLife membership number (we need this to identify your payment).

If you stop saving, you don’t have to withdraw your current balance. You can leave them invested in SuperLife for later. You can also restart your savings at any time. When you start to receive a benefit, you can also continue to make regular or lump sum contributions as required.