For an additional premium, you can extend your life insurance benefit so the cover can be paid if you become "totally & permanently disabled" (TPD) before age 65. You don't have to have the same amount of TPD cover as for death - it can be less.

The insurance policy gives the legal definition of "total & permanent disablement". The main features are:

  • You are sick or injured;
  • You are away from work for six months in a row or more;
  • You must have a full medical examination;
  • The insurer decides, either:
    • You are incapacitated to the extent that you are never likely to work in a job for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience, or
    • You have lost the use of two limbs, or you are blind (or have lost one limb and are blind in one eye).

The insurer decides if you are "totally & permanently disabled". As a result, you will need to supply the insurer with medical evidence of your disablement. If the insurer needs more information, it can arrange for you to be examined by its own medical advisers.