Trailblazing NZ cricket pension fund offers millions for retiring players (Sunday Star Times, 6 March 2016)

NZ Cricket establishes the first compulsory saving initiative in New Zealand professional sport with SuperLifeRead here.

Launch of Global Money Week 2015 (Radio NZ, 8 March 2015)

Global Money Week is held annually and aims to educate children and young people about how money works. Watch here.

KiwiSaver transfers to Australia (TVNZ, 22 November 2014)

TV One News highlighted the problems New Zealander's living in Australia are having transferring their KiwiSaver balances to Australia. Watch here.

KiwiSaver tips and tricks (TVNZ, 5 March 2014)

Current affairs programme Seven Sharp offers some insight on how to make the most of your KiwiSaver. Read more.

Consumer KiwiSaver satisfaction survey

The December 2013 Consumer survey looked at member satisfaction. SuperLife featured in the top 5. Read more.

Canstar give SuperLife 5 star rating

The 2012 Canstar survey of KiwiSaver schemes rated SuperLife 5 stars in each of the categories of funds. Read more.

Ex-pat Kiwis forced to wait for retirement funds (TVNZ, 24 June 2012)

The Australian Government is yet to pass legislation to allow Kiwis who have worked in Australia to bring their retirement savings back to NZ. SuperLife director Michael Chamberlain voiced his concerns on the delay in the Australian legislation changes.

>> Article and video.

Truth about KiwiSaver returns (TVNZ, 4 May 2012) - video

SuperLife principal Michael Chamberlain explains how to understand KiwiSaver returns on TV One's Breakfast show.

KiwiSaver remains 'financially viable' - MCA (TV3, 11 May 2011)

MCA Investment Consultants principal Michael Chamberlain recommends KiwiSaver despite expected tax credit cuts.

>> Read the article  |  Watch the video 

KiwiSaver... New Zealanders 'silly' not to take advantage, says Michael Chamberlain (, 11 February 2011)

Personal finance editor Amanda Morrall talks to SuperLife principal Michael Chamberlain about KiwiSaver.


Saving the KiwiSavers (The Listener, 6 December 2010)

Half of all New Zealand households now have at least one member in KiwiSaver, but thousands of them may be failing to get the most out of the scheme.

KiwiSaver changes fast-tracked (TVNZ, 9 March 2010)

The government has announced it is fast-tracking analysis into tightening up KiwiSaver regulations. SuperLife principal Michael Chamberlain discusses this.

>> Read the article  |  Watch the video

Mary Holm - balancing act to get best return (NZ Herald, 13 February 2010)

In this Q&A session Mary Holm outlines her step-by-step guide to choosing the best provider for you.

>> Read the article  |  Read SuperLife's summary and commentary of this article