Implementing a superannuation scheme is a great way to help your employees gain financial security. Super is also an effective tool for attracting, retaining and managing staff. When setting up a company plan, there are many things to consider, this is where SuperLife can help.

Together, we will work out a plan that fits your business requirements. Our goal is to make sure that superannuation is seamlessly integrated into your business. 


Why SuperLife?

Choosing SuperLife means:

  • You can tailor the rules around the contributions and benefits, and create a plan designed for your business.
  • It's more than just super; we can add other benefits to your plan e.g. insurance and KiwiSaver.
  • We take care of the administration (e.g. collections and payments) and ensure that you and your employees receive regular important information including market updates.
  • We are a master trust. Through SuperLife, your employees can choose investment options that suit them. SuperLife brings the advantages and lower costs of group purchase to your employees.
  • Our savings, benefit payment and investment options, offer a significant amount of choice, flexibility and value to your employees.


Choosing SuperLife 

Employers make SuperLife available to their employees by signing a “deed of participation.” Under the deed, the employer can establish special rules that will relate solely to its employees. The employer will normally offer a pay deduction facility for regular payments and may subsidise the benefits, pay some or all of the administration fees or impose requirements for the qualification for benefit payments.