Ethica is a “balanced” investment Fund that invests on a socially responsible basis, by excluding investments that do not meet defined principles.  It places emphasis on social, community, environment and sustainability factors.

The profile of Ethica is here and you can see the current investment strategy here, and the current portfolio of investments here.

You can access Ethica through the SuperLife workplace savings scheme, SuperLife Invest scheme, the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme and the SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme, by completing the appropriate membership form attached to the relevant product disclosure statement.

SuperLife workplace savings scheme product disclosure statement

SuperLife invest scheme product disclosure statement

SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme product disclosure statement

SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme product disclosure statement

The investment manager for Ethica is Smartshares Limited.

If you have questions on Ethica, you should refer them to the administrator (phone 0800 27 87 37, email