The investment performance of the Ethica option (after tax and after asset related fees) to 30 September 2017, under the SuperLife workplace savings scheme, SuperLife invest scheme, the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme, and SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme, for a member on the highest PIR tax rate is shown below.

Period SuperLife workplace savings scheme SuperLife invest scheme SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme
7 years (% p.a.) 7.20% n/a 7.08% n/a
5 years (% p.a.) 8.19% n/a 8.17% 8.15%
3 years (% p.a.) 8.37% n/a 8.27% 8.31%
1 year   (%) 3.75% n/a 3.66% 3.70%
Since 1 April 2017 (%) 2.06% 2.06% 2.02% 2.03%
Last month 0.80% 0.81% 0.80% 0.80%
The highest PIR tax rate is 33% prior to 31 March 2008, 30% 1 April 2008 to 30 September 2010 and 28% after 30 September 2010.


The returns are the returns for a lump sum invested at the start of the period.  The difference in returns between the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme, SuperLife workplace savings scheme, SuperLife invest scheme, and SuperLife UK pension transfer scheme is explained by the difference in the cash flows of the four schemes and the different fees. SuperLife invest is a new scheme as at 9 Nov 2016.

Remember: past performance is no guarantee of future performance levels.


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Allocation of returns

The investment earnings for Ethica are allocated on a daily basis. Each day the investments are valued using the latest values available (normally at the close of business the previous day). The investment income received and the change in market value of the assets is calculated and a proportional share, based on the amount a member has invested in that option, is allocated to the member. The tax payable on the portion that is taxable income is also calculated and the tax deducted each day. The amount shown on the member website, and in the statements, for a member in their KiwiSaver account is the amount that would be payable at that time, if they were entitled to it. 

Read more about allocation of investment returns.