A lump sum will generally be paid if you die, for any reason, except if:

  • you have not paid for the insurance; or
  • you did not complete the application form accurately

There are also special provisions that apply in times of war.

If you die SuperLife will pay your life insurance to the person, or people you nominate (i.e. beneficiaries). If you nominate more than one person, you need to state what proportion each should receive. SuperLife is required by law to pay the beneficiaries you nominate, so you need to make sure your nomination is kept up to date.  If you want to edit, remove or add beneficiaries to your life insurance you will need to fill in an update beneficiary form or do it online.

If you don’t make a nomination, SuperLife must pay the insurance to your estate. 

SuperLife can delay payment if it is aware that your benefit might be subject to a claim under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

SuperLife will need copies of your birth and death certificates before it pays the insurance money.