In order to take out medical cover you must fill out:

  • a SuperLife membership form (if you are not currently a SuperLife member), or 
  • an add medical insurance form (if you are already a SuperLife member).  

In each case you will also need to complete the UniMed application form.

If there is information you wish to keep confidential the UniMed form can be placed in a sealed envelope and SuperLife will forward this onto UniMed. UniMed will then process the application form and then send you confirmation of your cover. 

If you want to change or cancel the cover, you have 30 days from the date that UniMed receives your application to do so. If you do not contact UniMed within 30 days of receiving your confirmation, you will be regarded as having accepted your chosen cover and the first premium payment will be deducted from your bank account. SuperLife will confirm the starting date of your cover.


Medical details

All medical insurance companies have special rules about any existing conditions you may have when you take out new medical insurance.  There are also some exclusions (such as chronic conditions and AIDS) and these vary between different UniMed medical plans. Details of the specific exclusions are in each plan's brochure.

When you apply for insurance the insurer wants to know if you have any existing conditions that may create a future claim. In some cases UniMed may ask for more details.

Once your application form has been accepted, your contract may say that some existing conditions won’t be covered for a period (or at all).  If that applies to you, UniMed will tell you before you have to make your decision to continue.

UniMed has the final say on whether you get the insurance cover you want.