If you join KiwiSaver, SuperLife is your natural choice because:

  • Our fees are low
  • We are very flexible
  • We believe in transparency
  • We are 100% Kiwi-owned

...and all of these matter. Low fees mean that more of the return goes to you and flexibility means that you can choose the investment option that suits your needs best.

At SuperLife, this is what we do.


Smartshares Limited is a KiwiSaver provider under the KiwiSaver Act 2006. We manage the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme. In this role we make sure the contributions are invested and that everything happens as it should. 

Smartshares Limited also promotes and gives its KiwiSaver members access to wider savings and insurance benefits through its separate SuperLife Invest managed investment scheme. As a member of SuperLife's KiwiSaver scheme, you have access to benefits including life insurance, disability income protection insurance, medical insurance and flexible non-KiwiSaver savings arrangements.

You cannot use your KiwiSaver contributions to pay for these additional benefits. You must pay for those separately. 

The governing document for each SuperLife scheme is its trust deed.  Copies of the trust deeds and other key documents are available here.