Do you have super funds in Australia that you would like invested in your KiwiSaver Account under SuperLife?  

The New Zealand and Australian governments have agreed to allow portability of funds between Australian complying super schemes and NZ KiwiSaver schemes. The agreement between the two governments provides for transfers of super savings from Australia to NZ KiwiSaver schemes. You can transfer your Australian super money to New Zealand, where you can keep track of it more easily, but it will not be available for first home withdrawals. The SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme is ideal for investing lump sum payments as it has a wide range of investment options with competitive investment fees and service.

Whether or not you should transfer your Australian super will depend on your financial goals and circumstances. To start thinking about the issues, read our article on Aussie super transfers.

To start the transfer process, contact us

Lost track of your funds in Australia?  

There’s billions of dollars tied up in Aussie super schemes because they have lost track of the contributors.  If you’ve lost track of your Aussie super funds, that is you can’t remember what Super Fund they are in, we can help – send us an email.