You can choose which KiwiSaver scheme your savings go to. If you do not choose a KiwiSaver provider and your employer has not chosen a provider, the IRD will randomly allocate you to a default provider, and your savings will be invested in a default investment strategy. This will not normally be the best option for you.

By joining SuperLife, your savings can be invested in an investment option suitable for you. You can also have access to additional benefits, such as wholesale life insurance, disability income protection insurance, medical insurance, and other flexible savings. These are provided by the separate SuperLife registered superannuation scheme.

SuperLife offers the ideal KiwiSaver scheme for New Zealanders. Our benefits include:  

Low fees

SuperLife's fees are either the lowest or among the lowest in the market.  We do not pay commissions.  Low fees means more of the investment returns go to your KiwiSaver account. You can compare fees of similar funds of New Zealand's KiwiSaver providers on the Sorted website, or read our article 'Comparing KiwiSaver fees'. The difference in fees can be as much as six months' to a year's salary at retirement.


SuperLife imposes no minimums or restrictions other than the legislative requirements. We have no minimum savings levels.  If you are not an employee you choose how much you save and when you save.  If you are an employee, in addition to any savings you make through your employer, you can make extra KiwiSaver savings direct to SuperLife at any time for any amount.

When it comes to retirement SuperLife, like all KiwiSaver schemes will pay your benefit as a lump sum if that is what you wish.  We will however, also let you make regular withdrawals, or let you leave it in and take some out at any time.  Our flexibility puts you in control.


SuperLife has a range of investment options available.  You can choose a standard investment strategy or build your own from the different single sector options.  You can also change your strategy at any time. Plus, SuperLife gives members access to a range of benefits not available with all KiwiSaver schemes – real features that give real advantages.

The range of investment options available lets you build your own investment strategy and change it whenever you wish.  When choosing a KiwiSaver scheme, we think that picking a scheme which puts you in control of your investment strategy is important.

Social responsibility

SuperLife was the first organisation to establish a "balanced" socially responsible KiwiSaver investment option in the market. This option, known as Ethica, adopts an exclusion approach by choosing not to invest in the sectors of gambling, tobacco, alcohol, armaments, pornography or fossil fuel extraction as well as any other investments that breach Ethica's principles. Read more about Ethica.

Offering the complete solution

SuperLife offers KiwiSaver as part of a complete solution to your financial needs. Through the associated SuperLife registered superannuation scheme you can extend your savings to include non-KiwiSaver savings and take out insurance to meet your insurance needs.

100% Kiwi

We are a New Zealand firm helping New Zealanders to save. The people behind SuperLife are among the most experienced superannuation people in the market.

Choose SuperLife for KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver lets each individual member choose which KiwiSaver scheme their KiwiSaver money will go to.  There are 30+ KiwiSaver schemes to choose from.  Each has different investment options.  For many, choosing one scheme over another will be hard.  Many employees will look to their employer for guidance. Read more.