Your investment strategy

With SuperLife, you decide how your SuperLife Accounts are invested from the investment options available. SuperLife's range of investment options include individual sector Funds, fixed Mixes of the Funds (covering cash, bonds, property and shares), variable Mixes of the Funds and discretionary Funds. You can choose all or any combination of the options depending on your needs. You can also change your decision at any time.

Changing strategies

You can switch or change your savings between the Funds or Mixes at any time. To do this, fill in a “Change investment strategy form” and send it to SuperLife or, if you are a registered internet user, change it online.

Changes to your investment strategy will be implemented as soon as possible and normally within a week of receiving notice. However, the Manager can spread or delay the switch over three months if it thinks that’s in the best interests of all the members of the Fund you’re leaving.

There is currently no fee for switching, but the Manager reserves the right to impose a fee either generally or in individual cases.

Investment managers

The investments for each option are managed by investment managers. SuperLife, with the assistance of its investment consultant, appoints the managers/advisors, monitors their performance and ensures they remain competitive. 

Tax on investment income

The SuperLife workplace savings, SuperLife Invest and SuperLife KiwiSaver schemes are a PIE ("portfolio investment entity") and therefore deduct tax at your PIR ("prescribed investor rate"). The net income is credited to your SuperLife Accounts.