Putting you in charge

SuperLife lets you tailor your retirement savings, KiwiSaver, investment and insurance arrangements to your goals. You decide how much to save, when to save, how your money is invested and when you get a benefit.


You also decide whether to add insurance. You do not need to take out insurance if you just want to save. Also, you do not need to save if you just want to take out insurance.

With SuperLife, you can change your savings level, investment strategy or insurance covers at any time. 


Savings and contributions

Read about your saving options with SuperLife, and the account(s) that are set up for your contributions once you become a member.



Read about how to invest your savings with SuperLife, and the flexibility of setting your own investment strategy, or changing your strategy at any time. 


Joining SuperLife

To join SuperLife Invest,  read the product disclosure statement and complete the membership form.

If you join through your employer and your employer subsidises your benefits, there may be some special rules that apply to these savings. If this applies, these will be set out in the supplement for your employer.

Proof of identity and/or address

SuperLife is obliged to meet the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Act and so we have to collect and hold on file verification of identity and address. The details of what is required can be found here.