SuperLife has a range of single sector investment Funds (Sector Funds), a suite of exchange traded funds (ETF Funds), and a range of managed investment Funds (Managed Funds). There is also a socially responsible balanced Fund (Ethica).

You set your own investment strategy (mix of cash, bonds, property and shares), or choose any of the standard strategy options. There is no minimum amount you have to have in a Fund.

Life Cycle Investment Option - SuperLife Age Steps

SuperLife Age Steps automatically adjusts the proportion of your investment in income and growth assets depending on your age. As you get older, the proportion of your investment in more volatile growth assets will be reduced, lowering the expected size of the ups and downs in the value of your investment. This option may be suitable if you are saving for retirement (assumed to be age 65), and assumes you will continue to invest your savings and spend them over your retirement period.

Learn more about the SuperLife Age Steps strategy profile by clicking here.

Managed Funds

There are six Managed Funds. Under these options the investment strategy is set and varied from time to time, based on our view of the market and economic conditions. The Managed Funds target specific risk and return outcomes, and the investment profiles for these funds can be found by clicking the links below:


Individual Sector Funds

Individual Sector Funds cover each of the main types of assets. You can combine them to suit your needs. The investment portfolios for these funds can be found by clicking the links below:

NZ Cash
NZ Bonds
Overseas Bonds
Overseas non-Government Bonds
NZ Shares
Australian Shares
Overseas Shares (Currency Hedged)
Overseas Shares Unhedged
Emerging Markets
UK Cash


ETF Funds

Each of the ETF funds invests almost entirely in the equivalent Smartshares Exchange Traded Fund. The investment portfolios for the ETF funds can be found by clicking the links below:

Global Bond ETF
NZ Dividend ETF
NZ 50 Portfolio ETF
NZ Top 10 ETF
NZ Mid Cap ETF
NZ Property ETF
Australian Top 20 ETF
Australian Dividend ETF
Australian Financials ETF
Australian Property ETF
Australian Resources ETF
Australian Mid Cap ETF
Total World ETF
US 500 ETF
Europe ETF
Asia Pacific ETF
US Large Growth ETF
US Large Value ETF
US Mid Cap ETF
US Small ETF
Emerging Markets ETF