What are the fees?

You will be charged fees for investing in the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme. Fees are deducted from your investment and will reduce your returns.

The fund charges set out below are deducted from, and reflected in the value of, the fund. The fund charges include the fees and costs charged by the supervisor and custodians (together with the fees and costs charged by any other funds we invest in). They also include our regulatory and compliance costs. Some of these costs are not fixed, so the fund charges below include an estimate of these costs.

The fees you pay will be charged in two ways:

  • regular charges (for example, fund charges). Small differences in these fees can have a big impact on your investment over the long term; and
  • one-off fees (for example, a transfer fee).

These are as follows:

Fund Fund charges (per annum of the fund’s net asset value)
SuperLifeAge Steps
Age 20 0.62%
Age 30 0.61%
Age 40 0.61%
Age 50 0.60%
Age 60 0.59%
Age 70 0.57%
Age 80 0.55%
Age 90 0.53%
Managed Funds
SuperLifeIncome 0.55%
SuperLife30 0.56%
Ethica 0.69%
SuperLife60 0.59%
SuperLife80 0.60%
SuperLife100 0.62%
Sector Funds
NZ Cash Fund 0.52%
NZ Bonds Fund 0.54%
Overseas Bonds Fund 0.59%
Overseas Non-government Bonds Fund 0.54%
Property Fund 0.58%
NZ Shares Fund 0.59%
Australian Shares Fund 0.59%
Overseas Shares (Currency Hedged) Fund 0.58%
Overseas Shares Fund 0.58%
Emerging Markets Fund 1.04%
UK Cash Fund 0.49%
ETF Funds
NZ Cash ETF Fund 0.52%
NZ Bond ETF Fund 0.54%
Global Bond ETF Fund 0.59%
NZ Dividend ETF Fund 0.59%
NZ Top 50 ETF Fund 0.59%
NZ Top 10 ETF Fund 0.59%
NZ Mid Cap ETF Fund 0.59%
NZ Property ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Top 20 ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Dividend ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Financials ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Property ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Resources ETF Fund 0.59%
Australian Mid Cap ETF Fund 0.59%
Total World ETF Fund 0.60%
US 500 ETF FUnd 0.54%
Europe ETF Fund 0.59%
Asia Pacific ETF Fund 0.59%
US Large Growth ETF Fund 0.57%
US Large Value ETF Fund 0.57%
US Mid Cap ETF Fund 0.57%
US Small ETF Fund 0.57%
Emerging Markets ETF Fund 0.73%

Other charges

The Scheme has an administration fee. The cost to you is $30 a year (regardless of the number of investment options you invest in,

or the number of times you change investment options). It is deducted at $2.50 each month.

The Scheme has a transfer fee. You will be charged this fee if you transfer your investment to another KiwiSaver scheme. The fee is $100.

Changing fees

We may change the fees and charges payable by an investor at any time. Where we increase a fee or charge, we will give you notice

of the change.  We must publish a fund update for each investment option showing the fees actually charged during the most recent year.

Understanding the Annual KiwiSaver Statement

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