September 2017

Over the last three months, share markets have continued to rise and many markets including NZ and the US have reached new highs. Read More.

June 2017

In recent times, many commentators have announced that the share markets will fall in 2017. We do not know whether this is right, but many of the same “experts” picked a fall last year and the year before. Read More.

March 2017

The returns to 31 March 2017 highlight the importance of not making decisions on the basis of performance, and in particular performance over the short term, and also having diversification. Read More.

December 2016

2016, with the benefit of hindsight, was a “normal” investment year. Shares, overall, did better than bonds which did better than cash, but not in every month, and the variations month to month were at times large. Read More.

September 2016

The investment markets continue to show signs of experiencing higher than normal investment risk. This is seen by the volatility of the returns from one day to the next, and from one month to the next. Read More.

June 2016

Over the June quarter, the investment markets were "more of the same". Interest rates continued to go lower, and share markets and exchange rates were volitile, giving investors a bumpy ride. Read More.

March 2016

The general investment environment globally continues to be one of low interest rates, low inflation and below the historical average economic growth level.Read More.

December 2015

2015 was a year where returns were volatile and uncertain, for all sectors except for Cash. Read More.

September 2015

The investment returns of the share sectors for the month of September were negative but cash and bonds were positive.  Read More.

June 2015

The investment markets over the quarter were dominated by commentary about China and Greece. Read More.

March 2015

The last year was a year where the global share markets generally did better than expected (but not in March) and the bond markets performed better than expected (but not each month). Read More.

December 2014

Over the last quarter all options were positive except Australian shares, emerging market shares and Gemino. Read More.

September 2014

The investment environment continues to be one of low interest rates, low inflation and low economic growth. Read More.

June 2014

While the interest rates on cash investments have increased this year, the investment environment continues to be one of low interest rates, low inflation and low economic growth. Read more.

March 2014

The returns for the 2013/14 year were dominated by low, but rising interest rates. Read more.

December 2013

The investment markets in 2013 were dominated by three themes: increased liquidity, continued low interest rates and increased bond yields. Read more.

September 2013

 Over the last quarter, changes to the available investment options have been made. Read more.

June 2013

New legislation leads to a more rigorous identification process and also introduces transfers to and from Australian super schemes. Read more.

March 2013

The past few months have been a period of growth and a period of change. It is a good opportunity to review your financial situation and make any appropriate adjustments. Read more.

December 2012

2012 marked a positive turn for the investment market, with long-term average returns being higher than expected in almost every sector. Read more.

September 2012

With SuperLife, parents can set up a savings scheme to help meet the costs of a child's education. Read more.